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Synchronising with other platforms; synchroniseren met andere platforms

If you work with different platforms but don’t want to use a Channel Manager, then link the calendar with the iCal system. This system exchanges availability information so that constant manual updating of your calendar becomes unnecessary.

iCal synchronisation with other platforms offers you the option of using the iCal system to link the calendar with calendars on other platforms. This makes it possible to link the calendar to all other platforms with this feature. You could, for example, link the calendar to calendars on, Airbnb and You’ll be able to synchronise all calendars, even if you use Google Calendar or Outlook Agenda.

What is iCal?

iCal is short for i-Calendar. It’s a universal calendar format that can be used for importing appointments/bookings into other calendars. The system is used by major players such as Outlook, Google and Apple. An iCal synchronisation only retrieves availability information, so no guest details are sent.

Synchronisation frequency

iCal synchronisations automatically update availability information every six hours. You can also synchronise the information manually at any time.

Synchronise your calendar

Creating an iCal link may seem hugely complicated, but that’s luckily not the case. This link works best when created from two sides. It is therefore important to import the availability information from the other platform into, as well as export it from to the other platform.

How to do it

In order to import the availability information, you’ll need an iCal link from the other platform. You will probably find this link in your account on the website in question. Make sure that you’ve copied the iCal link before following the below steps:

Step 1
Click on the below button or navigate to ‘Synchronisation settings’ in the Innkeeper Service.

Synchronise your calendar


Step 2
Open the room for which you want to synchronise the availability calendar. Please note: it is important to link the right rooms to one another.

Step 3
Paste the iCal link from the other calendar into the intended field that appeared during step 2.

Step 4
Name the calendar and click on ‘save’. You’ll now see the imported calendar in ‘View imported calendars’.

Step 5
Now copy the iCal link and paste it into your account on the other platform to export the availability information.


Once you’ve created the iCal link, availability information will be retrieved and will be visible in the Calendar. Periods blocked out by the other platform will also be blocked out in the Calendar on If you hover your mouse pointer over a blocked period, you’ll see which platform has blocked out the period. Such a block out can only be removed via the platform that originally blocked out the period.

Because of privacy restrictions, no guest details are exchanged between platforms. The only information displayed is the blocked dates.

We’re happy to help

If you can’t get the above steps to work, please contact us. We’ll gladly help you!

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