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Highlight your Cancellation Policy

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, many (foreign) guests understandably prefer B&Bs with flexible cancellation conditions. That is why we have decided to highlight the cancellation conditions on

Book with confidence

Booking an accommodation with a flexible cancellation policy gives guests peace of mind. Guests are more likely to book a B&B where they can cancel for free than an accommodation where this is not possible, especially during uncertain times such as these. The current situation regarding (inter)national travel looks positive in the main. However, there are still no guarantees for the future.

Uncertain situations

Various situations could unexpectedly prevent guests from travelling to their desired destination. For example, a member of the group may start displaying cold symptoms. Or new corona outbreaks could affect the travel advice. These are still difficult to predict for the travel industry. Also, as a B&B owner, you probably do not want to receive guests with corona-related complaints.

Guest-oriented thinking

Of course, cancellations are annoying not only for guests but also for B&B owners. That is why it is good to think about your cancellation policy. It is wise to think guest-oriented. If it is clear that guests can cancel free of charge up to two days before arrival, this gives more confidence. This also means you have room for last-minute reservations in case of a cancellation.

Cancellation policy explained

If your B&B has a flexible cancellation policy, we will further highlight this on your presentation page. In this way, guests can see at a glance where they stand. This can significantly increase confidence in making a booking and may lead to more reservations. You can see below how we will bring attention to this:; Highlight your Cancellation Policy

How to change your cancellation policy

If you want to revise your cancellation policy, you can easily do so in the owner service. B&Bs that use flexible cancellation conditions will automatically receive the highlighted terms on the presentation page. Note: If you choose to change your cancellation policy, this change will only apply to new reservations and not to current bookings.

Change Cancellation Policies

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