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Reward your guests for writing a review; Reward your guests for writing a review

As a B&B owner you know better than anyone that reviews are important when it comes to receiving new reservation requests. Unfortunately, not nearly every guest fills in a review request after they arrive home.  Because of this, by means of the following tips, you can try to reward your guests for writing a review.

Tip 1: Well begun is half done
Are you using the reservation system on or have you installed the free reservation manager on your own website? Then guests will receive an invitation to write a review on the day after they arrive home.

In case of manually inserted reservations always be sure to fill in the email address of a guest, otherwise a review request cannot be sent

Tip 2: It’s ok to ask

It doesn’t have to be a big thing: when they leave, ask your guests if they would like to fill in the review request from You don’t have to ask them in person, you could also ask them through a thank you card which you include with a departure gift. Not only does this make your guest leave with a good feeling (peak end rule), but also with a physical reminder. Besides, your guest will be more inclined to write a review for you, as a thank you for your gift.

Thank you card guests

Example of a thank you card for B&B guests which you can give the guests upon their departure.

Tip 3: Discount coupon
Reward guests who have written a review with a discount for their next stay. You can do this by means of a digital coupon for your B&B, which you can email the guest afterwards. It’s also a clever way to build a customer relationship. Do remember to mention clear terms on the coupon. Of course the discount amount or the discount percentage are important, but also think of a date on which the coupon expires.

Tip 4: Winning competitions
Winning competitions are popular on Facebook, but you can also easily use them to collect more reviews. When guests leave, let them know that they have a chance of winning a free stay when they write a review. Again, it’s wise to set up clear rules and terms, so guests will know what to expect. Will it be an annual raffle? When will you be announcing the winner? Take your time to work everything out.


Is your B&B located by the sea? Then give your guests a ‘message in a bottle’ with the question if they would like to fill in the review request of

Tip 5: Remain true to yourself
Yes, it’s a cliché, but remain true to yourself. Just like with the personal touch you give your B&B, it’s important to personalize your (digital) promotion and marketing activities. Are you running a B&B in the countryside and do you love making your own jam? Then give your guests a small jar with jam as a departure gift, with a thank you note on which you ask them to fill in the review request. It can do wonders for your reviews! Just try it and see what works best for you.

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