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Promote your B&B affordably on; Promote your B&B affordably on

Do you want to promote your B&B without paying unnecessarily high commissions? Then is the right place for you. Discover the 5 biggest benefits of a yearly subscription with the B&B specialist and sign up quickly.

#1: Personal contact

On, guests send a reservation request directly to you. This isn’t an automatically confirmed reservation; it becomes final only when both parties agree. It’s always nice to have contact with each other before the guest arrives at your doorstep. Together, you can finalise the reservation quickly through the inbox in the Innkeeper Service. The personal service guests expect from a B&B starts as soon as they send a reservation request on

#2: No commission

Do you want to promote your B&B without paying a high commission for every reservation? You can do that at! Unlike many other booking websites, at, you don’t pay a commission for each booking but a fixed annual fee for promoting your B&B, regardless of the number of reservations you receive. So, you’ll never be surprised by any extra or hidden costs by listing on

#3: Financial control

On, you handle the payments with the guest personally, so you’re not dependent on third parties. You decide when and how you receive your money. For example, in advance via bank transfer, through a payment request, or in cash upon arrival or departure. This way, you keep financial control in your hands, which is always reassuring!

Promote your B&B affordably on

#4: Free Reservation System

With an annual subscription to, you’ll have a complete reservation system for your B&B, including a free reservation module you can embed on your own website. All reservation requests via your own site automatically update the reservation system. This allows you to manage all requests in one place and gather reviews faster.

#5: Wide reach

By promoting your B&B on, your accommodation becomes easily visible on the worldwide web. Benefit from millions of website visitors worldwide. With an attractive Presentation Page, your B&B can be discovered quickly by guests from different countries. Additionally, from your Presentation Page on, site visitors can click straight through to your own website or contact you via your phone number. Need extra help optimising your presentation page? Our Customer Service is ready to assist you.

Promoting your B&B: you’re not alone

Can’t wait to take advantage of all the benefits above? Register your accommodation today on Or contact us for more information; the customer service of is happy to help you. We are known for our excellent accessibility and personal service. Whether you’re looking for information or have been a customer for years, we’re here for you!

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