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5 Steps to Perfect Photos

Beautiful photos are of inestimable importance. A guest often decides instantly between your B&B or another, based solely on the pictures. Photos are the best evidence to determine if your accommodation is what they are looking for. It is your best weapon to attract potential guests and have abundant reservations. Here are our top 5 tricks to take eye-catching photos.

1. Dress your B&B

Just as you would dress carefully for a photoshoot, you also have to do it for your B&B. It goes without saying that your accommodation should be neat and clean, and try not to mix clashing colours. Here are some tips to get the most out of your B&B while maintaining its style:

  • Open the curtains
  • Iron the sheets
  • Switch on the lights
  • Decorate with well-placed cushions and coordinating blankets
  • Collect and order decorative objects on surfaces

2. Choose your camera

Now that you have your B&B all dressed up, you’re probably thinking… What camera should I use? Professional cameras can take amazing photos, and it’s a perfect option if you own one or have a family member or friend who can lend it to you. However, today’s smartphones can take equally good quality photos. So make sure you have a tripod and get good light.

Initial photo of B&B De Bleker in Bruges.

3. Find the best light.

Capturing the right light is one of the most critical elements of a good photograph. We recommend taking the photos with soft natural light, but make sure the sun isn’t too direct. You can always use a ring light or a lightbox to add a glow if the natural light is too dingy. 

4. Show every space

When a guest books a B&B, one thing that matters most is seeing photos of all the spaces in the accommodation. They want to know that you’re not hiding anything! So take pictures of all the rooms: living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, exteriors… The more corners of your B&B you show, the more likely they are to end up reserving your accommodation. 

New photo of B&B De Bleker in Bruges.

5. Angles and perspective matter

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles and perspectives. Take your tripod and camera and move it around the B&B, taking as many photos as possible from all angles and perspectives. That way, guests will have a clear impression of ​​the accommodation, its dimensions and everything it has to offer.

Bonus Tip: You can download a free photo editing app on your mobile so you can retouch your pictures. Then you can correct and edit the photos to your liking and achieve the effect you want for your B&B. 

Photos ready to post!

If you’ve followed all our tips and your photos are ready to be featured in your listing on, click here to upload your B&B photos. Then they can start grabbing attention and secure that all-important booking!

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