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Three times as many reservation requests: here’s the secret

Bed and breakfast Pax Tibi

The presentation page of B&B Pax Tibi in the Netherlands is viewed at least five times as often.

In 2014, Bed & Breakfast Pax Tibi in Reeuwijk received three times as many reservation requests through as in 2013. The secret? A completely filled out presentation page.

The presentation page of B&B Pax Tibi on in February 2014 contained only a few pictures and no translations.  Because of this, Pax Tibi had a low position in the search results. Owner Katja Toet decided that it was time for action. She added the maximum number of pictures: 18 general pictures, plus 4 extra pictures per room. In addition, she wrote new descriptions for the rooms and added translations.

Bed and Breakfast Pax Tibi

Reservation requests tripled!
Thanks to the adjustments, B&B Pax Tibi climbed to a top position in the search results of In 2014, the presentation page was viewed 5 times as often than before. With immediate result: That same year B&B Pax Tibi received three times as many reservation requests than in 2013.

Katja Toet is now working on her presentation page more enthusiastically than ever. “I’ve become a fanatic”, she tells us. “You can see the difference in the statistics so clearly. It has an immediate effect.”

Inspired? Your B&B can achieve this as well!
Would you like your B&B to reach a higher position in the search results of as well? Then make sure your presentation page meets the following terms:

  • 18 general pictures + 4 room pictures per room. Add pictures >>
  • A good general description, short description and key words. Modify >>
  •  Translations in 5 foreign languages (Use Google Translate to simply translate your texts).
  •  A minimum of 4 reviews (the higher your average review score, the better).
  • A well filled out availability calendar. Quick guide >>
  • A YouTube-link to a video of your bed & breakfast.

Questions and contact
You can complete your presentation page in the owner service: Log in with your email address and password. If you run into any problems, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

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