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Quick quide part 1: Answering reservation requests


The reservation system with availability information on shows visitors which bed and breakfasts are available at a certain date. If you maintain the calendar well, your B&B will end up higher in the list of search results. In this message, we will explain how you can maintain the calendar.

When there’s a new reservation request, we send you an email. To immediately respond through the owner service, in the email, click the pink button ‘Respond immediately’.


You will now see a clear overview with the reservation information and your availability calendar.

B&B Reservation system

When, in the overview, you point out that your B&B is available, the system will automatically prepare an email for you with an answer to your guest. At the top of the response field you can always choose from various email templates. There is a suitable email template in six languages for every email you send to a guest. Saves you time!


All you need to do, is to check the data (you can also personalize the email) and click ‘Send’.  The email correspondence with your guest can quickly be retrieved in the reservation system.

B&B reservation system

Every time you send an email to a guest trough the reservation system, you will immediately get the opportunity to change the status of the reservation request into: ‘Option’, ‘Booking’ or ‘Cancelled’.

B&B availability calendar

Once the reservation has been confirmed by both you and the guest, it’s definite. Now you have to change the status of the request into ‘Reservation’. Also read:
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    • “Thank you for your question. If you would like to send an e-mail to a guest which reservation you added manually, please click on the reservation. A screen with the reservation details will open, to send the guest an e-mail, just click on the pink ‘respond’ button. The e-mail conversation between you and the guest will be saved in your innkeepers’ service. To send an invoice, just use the green ‘money button’ in line of the reservation request. Save the invoice on your computer.”

  • Kun je je eigen B&B kalender met beschikbaarheid koppelen aan jullie systeem.
    Indien ja, had ik graag hierover meer informatie ontvangen. Dit zou het gebruiksgemak enorm verhogen.

  • Wij hebben ook onze iegen website. Via deze site worden soms ook reserveringen gemaakt. Het lukt mij niet de gereseveerde data van deze site te koppelen met de dat van de b& site. Of is dit niet mogelijk?. Volgens een eerder bericht van u zou dit wel mogelijk moeten zijn. Kunt u mij hierin helpen?
    Met vr. Groet,
    B&B Aan Zee enDuin

    • Bedankt voor uw reactie op het blog. Het is mogelijk om kalenders te koppelen met of Het is wel afhankelijk wat voor kalender u gebruikt op uw eigen website. Misschien kunt u ons een e-mail sturen op [email protected], dan horen we graag welke kalender u op uw eigen website gebruikt en of deze gekoppeld kan worden.

      Met vriendelijke groet,

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