Coronavirus: Q&A for Innkeepers; Coronavirus: Q&A voor B&B-eigenaren

The world has been taken over by the coronavirus. Of course, this raises many important questions for innkeepers featuring on We have listed the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Can I change my cancellation policy during the period of the coronavirus?

You may not tighten your cancellation conditions for existing bookings. You may, of course, relax those conditions as you see fit. You can decide whether you want to adjust the cancellation conditions for future bookings.

How do I manage cancellation requests from guests who do not want to travel due to the coronavirus?

We advise you to search for alternative travel dates together with the guest and come to a mutually agreeable arrangement. It will inspire confidence in the guest if you deal with any cancellation costs more flexibly than usual. If you can’t come to an agreement with the guest, refer them to their travel and cancellation insurance. You are not obliged to allow a guest to cancel free of charge.

Can I cancel existing reservations as an innkeeper if I don’t want to receive guests because of the coronavirus?

Do you work with reservation requests? Then you are free to cancel existing reservations and determine how you communicate this to your guests. We advise you to be clear with your guests, offer an alternative travel date and work together to find a solution.

I have a listing on where guests can book directly. Can I cancel it?

The health of you and your guest is paramount. If you want to cancel planned direct reservations on due to the coronavirus, we will not charge the usual 15% cancellation fee. We expect you to block your availability calendar until that date.

Please note: When you distinguish between guests, these costs will be charged. It is not allowed, for example, to discriminate based on origin.

You can also move reservations to other dates in consultation with the guest, without cancelling the reservation. If you have agreed to a new date with the guest, please let us know via the button below. We will then process the change in your Innkeeper Service so that processes such as the payment or a guest cancellation can continue to work. In the meantime, make sure to block the new data directly in your availability calendar.

We are following the developments closely and will adjust the measures in this blog article as necessary.


Will the service and accessibility of continue as we are used to from you?

We take government guidelines seriously, and our team is working from home. Your accessibility should not be affected, and we are, as usual, available by phone and email on weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00 (local time). We are happy to help you in any way we can. If the phones are engaged, please try again later.

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