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Super promotion for your bed & breakfast on social media

Social media B&B
Social media B&B

Start your adventure on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with a ‘social army’.

Social media offer many chances. It is the perfect way to promote your bed and breakfast. If you would like to introduce your bed & breakfast on social media, we have a great tip for you.

B&B success story
Word to mouth advertisement is the best advertisement and this certainly is the case in social media. People are strongly letting their choice depend on tips and experiences of their friends. If your bed & breakfast can be found on Facebook or Twitter, your guests can simply share their positive experiences with their friends, who will be more likely to book with you, after which they can also share their experiences….and so on.

But how do you start such a success story in social media? Of course it all starts with creating a profile and pages for your bed and breakfast on Facebook and potentially also on LinkedIn and Twitter. Further in this blog you can read more about how to create profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

Start with a social army
Your B&B has a profile on Twitter, Facebook and/or another social network. Now what? Don’t start inviting everyone and everything to follow or like you. Start with the people who care about your bed & breakfast. Not only are they very enthusiastic about your B&B, they are even proud of it and will promote and defend your accommodation to everyone. These people are your ‘hyper fans’ and together they form your ‘social army’.

Hyper fans of your bed & breakfast
So, how do you find these hyper fans? Of course they are your partner, possible helpers, friends and family members, but especially your best customers.  You can often remember which guests were truly enthusiastic. The ones who, for example, wrote a wonderful story in your guestbook, or gave you a perfect score on

Send these guests a nice message, invite them to follow you on Facebook and/or Twitter and ask them, for example, to write a recommendation, to share their experiences or to post a picture of their stay in your B&B online. They will probably enjoy linking with you through the social media. When you start your social army this way, you will create a positive basis to build on. Subsequently, you can start expanding your network. This is called Social inside-out.

You can connect with your social army further by giving them little extras such as special promotions, news and small gifts. You can also ask hyper fans to think along with you about for example a name for a new guest room or a new package deal. They will be happy to share this VIP-treatment with others and that way, your bed & breakfast is continuously getting positive attention in their network.

Super promoter
They key to super promotion on social media is: activation. Involving the right customers step by step, and making sure they will start promoting your bed and breakfast for you. That way, you turn them into super promoters. Let the snowball effect begin!

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