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Tweets about your B&B on Twitter

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Creating an account on Twitter is really easy.

Ever considered creating a profile for your bed & breakfast on Twitter? It’s a perfect way to stay up to date about B&B trends. Besides that, it allows you to stay in the picture of your guests in an informal way. Just give it a try.

It’s been a hype for years: Twitter. Posting very short messages and sharing them immediately with all your connections. These messages are called ‘tweets’ and contain a maximum of 140 characters. For example, you can publish tweets about your latest arrangement or a fun event in the environment. Or about the pleasant contact with the guests who just left, the renovation which is almost finished or an interesting new article on this blog.

Follow other B&B-owners
Furthermore, you can easily ‘follow’ the tweets of other B&B owners and websites like Starting is very easy: go to, register yourself and just give it a go. And don’t forget to follow on Twitter!

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Janneke Scheepers

Janneke Scheepers is web editor at Bed & Breakfast Europe. She writes blogs, articles and newsletters about all aspects of the B&B sector in Europe.

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