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Volumes have been written about the history of Russia. This is the land of the tsarist autocracies, of Catherine the Great, of the communist revolution and of the Soviet Union. The land of legendary cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow, yet also the land of rural countryside where time seems to stand still. When you travel to Russia, don’t limit yourself to the cultural gems from Russian history. To learn more about modern-day Russia, stay with the local population in bed & breakfasts and lodges.

Bed & breakfast in Moscow

When you stand on Red Square in Moscow, you’re surrounded by true world history. You’ll enter the square through the 17th-century Voskresensky- or Iverskaya Gate. On the southern side of the square is the world-famous Saint Basil’s cathedral with its colourful domes – a great photo opportunity! To the west, you’ll find the Kremlin, the seat of the government. The square also borders the State Historical Museum and the Mausoleum of Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union. The eastern side houses the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, dating back to 1636. When in Moscow, make sure that you visit the medieval Novodevichy Convent with its stunning golden domes. We also recommend an outing to Kolomenskoye, a former royal estate to the southeast of Moscow with a beautiful Ascension church. The tranquil atmosphere here is more than enough reason for a visit.

Bed and Breakfast in Saint Petersburg

The Winter Palace and the Hermitage will probably top your list of must-sees in Saint Petersburg. The gorgeous Winter Palace, dating back to the eighteenth century, served as the winter residence of the Russian tsars. It was constructed by order of Elizabeth of Russia, who wanted a palace that was more beautiful than any other throughout Europe. Catherine the Great also later lived here. She was an avid art collector and a large part of her collection can be viewed in the Hermitage, the world-famous museum that incorporates the Winter Palace. The Hermitage owns one of the largest and most significant art collections in the world. The Palace Square, scene of the 1917 October Revolution, borders the Winter Palace.

B&B in Novgorod

Veliki Novgorod is a centuries-old trading city with fabulous monuments and plenty of historic Russian architecture. Its city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this city, the atmosphere of historic Russia becomes tangible. Its most famous buildings are the Novgorod Kremlin and the St. Sophia Cathedral, both dating back to the eleventh century. The Kremlin is home to the oldest palace in Russia, the oldest Russian belfry and the oldest Russian bell-tower. And, as if that is not enough, Novgorod also boasts dozens of other medieval churches, monasteries and museums. It’s a real paradise for art- and culture enthusiasts! A handy hint: Novgorod is situated between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Along this route, you’ll also find the city of Tver, fondly known for its magical views across the banks of the Volga River.

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If you’re curious about Russia’s rich culture and history and would like to know what it is like now, then don’t put off planning your trip now! Be charmed by its mystical churches, monasteries and wooden homes, and by its untouched countryside, unrivalled museums and cosmopolitan cities. Check the bed and breakfasts on offer in Russia!