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    Bed and Breakfast Lisbon

    The capital of Portugal is famous for its romantic character. During the day, you’ll wander through the small picturesque streets, whereas in the evening you’ll find yourself in cosy bars or cafes listening to the breath-taking Fado music. Explore the beautiful sights and impressive art that Lisbon has to offer. Book a BnB at Bed and Breakfast Lisbon for an unforgettable weekend break.

    The capital of the sardines

    You’ll be able to find them at every corner of the street: the delicious grilled sardines! The locals are fond of their local specialty and especially in the evening you’ll notice the strong scent. Since the capital is within a stone’s throw of the sea, most restaurants offer delicious dishes served with fresh fish.

    Discover all neighbourhoods, streets and squares

    Just like Rome, Lisbon was built on seven hills, which functions as a natural separation between the different neighbourhoods. The most popular neighbourhoods, streets, and squares are in the historical centre, but visiting other part of the is definitely worth it! Do you prefer staying in a particular area? View all available B&B’s at Bed and Breakfast Lisbon and ask your host for advice regarding the most beautiful places to visit.

    Impressive views

    In most areas are stunning rooftop terraces with breath-taking views. For the best view of the city, you hop on the neo-Gothic Elevador de Santa Justa, the 45-meters high elevator connecting the lower streets of Baixa with the higher Carmo Square. Would you rather enjoy a beautiful view from the water? Visit the old tower of defence; Torre de Belém.

    An ultimate experience: historic tram

    An authentic way of discovering the city is going for a ride with the historic tram. The tram has a route through the centre as well as through popular districts like Bélem and Alfama. The latter is the oldest district where the Fado was born; definitely worth a visit!

    Airbnb Lisbon

    For many Airbnb Lisbon is a popular and easy way to book a stay. Bed and Breakfast Lisbon, however, is a better alternative for many reasons. Discover the warming welcome, great hygiene, and cosy atmosphere that a BnB has to offer. What are you waiting for? Book now and experience the many charms of a B&B for an unforgettable weekend break.