Innkeeper Service Reservation System

New B&B Reservation System; Nieuw reserveringssysteem voor B&B's

As of Tuesday, 11th of September, innkeepers will be able to use our new reservation system. We’ve made considerable improvements and we’re confident you will find it more user-friendly. Here is a short preview of the new look system and what has changed for you as a user.

Why do we need a new reservation system?

Technology has made some vast leaps forward and it’s up to us to keep up with the times! Innkeepers expect to be able to access their calendar round the clock and be able to handle their business on their mobile devices. Our new system uses the most modern technology so that you have all your information at all times, at your fingertips. As an innkeeper, you can now see all your details on your phone, tablet and computer, whenever you want. Wherever you are, you can manage your availability calendar and respond immediately to your reservation requests.

Advantages for you as an Innkeeper

The biggest advantage of the new reservation system is that you now have access to the ‘Innkeeper Service’ on your mobile device. We’ve made it more user-friendly. We’ve changed the look and feel without losing any of the existing functions..

How has it improved?

When you log in you’ll go straight to your new look inbox. The menu is located on the left side of the page. Unlike the old system, there is no reservations overview anymore. All reservations are in your inbox. This gives you quick and easy access to reservations and requests, which you can immediately archive if you want. At the beginning of the month, all reservations from the previous month are automatically archived for you. We have improved the search function so you can easily find reservations by using the name of the guest, the reservation number, the room name or the status of the reservation.

New look reservations

When you open a reservation you’ll come to a well-organised details page, with all the information about your reservation. You can see how your availability looks around the reservation and then you can easily send a message to your guest. Also, you can generate an invoice for your guest on this page, change reservation details and archive the reservation if you want.

New look calendar

When you open your calendar, you’ll immediately notice the new design. You can see the availability of your B&B for the coming month at a single glance. You can scroll to the next month using the blue bar (swipe on a mobile). Reserved dates have a green mark and dates you have blocked are crossed through in red.

You can view dates in the past or the future using the date field on the left of the calendar. After selecting a date from the date field you can see the availability of your B&B for a period of two months after your chosen date.
Date field:

Click on a date to see the activity for that day ( reservations/blocks). From this window, you can simply click through to the details page of your reservation, where you can manage the reservation.

Transition phase of the new system

At the launch of the new B&B reservation system, not all pages are mobile friendly. The calendar and your inbox can be used on all devices, PC, tablet and mobile telephones. However, if you need to change your prices, your description or add pictures you will still need to use the desktop version at the moment. We will continue working to make all pages mobile friendly in the future and other ways of optimising the use of the ‘Innkeeper Service’.

No support for outdated browsers

Our new system works with the newest techniques and unfortunately cannot support old operating systems. For example, Android 4.4. IOS 9, Internet Explorer 11 or older cannot be supported. We are continuing to look for a solution so that innkeepers using older systems can still use all the new pages. If you experience any issues, please contact us. We’re here to help!

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  • O no not again. New system. Why !!!!

    I was familier with the old one it fungere vell on both my tablet, mobile fone etc.
    Make me wonder if I wil renew my subscribe .
    Why chance things that work out well.

    • Thanks for your feedback. We understand that you have to get used to the new system. Actually, many features remained the same, but in a different layout. This system is responsive, so it should work much better on tablet and mobile. If there are any uncertainties, let us know via [email protected]. We are happy to help you.

  • Hi Silva, I have just become one of your costumer. Im running, in my second season a funky B&B up in the North Atlantic. White on Wood is located in Twillingate Newfoundland, Canada. Your Reservation system looks fantastic, my questions are simple but need to be clarified as i set up that side of things with Bed and Breakfast eu.
    A) I currently use Cloudbed as my alocator/reservation system. Will yours replace there service, ie set all reservations from Bookings,Expedia and my link to my website, (Book WoW)?
    B) Cloadbed also links all transactions through Chase into my bank account. will yours be able to do the same?
    C) Do you have a Toll free number for your office?

    Brad @ WoW

    • Hello Brad,
      Thank you for registration at Unfortunately I don’t know if we can connect with Cloudbed. Please send us an e-mail at [email protected] so we can put your request through and see what the possibilities are with this Channel Manager.
      It will not be able to send transactions through, because works with reservation requests. You will handle a request directly and ask the guest for a payment. We don’t have a Toll free number unfortunately, but please send us an e-mail if you want us to call you back.

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