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Description of your bed & breakfast: name your strengths

Adding translations for B&B guests

It is important to add descriptions to your presentation page.

In your description, mention the strengths of your bed & breakfast and offer people a clear idea of what they can expect. On, it is simple to add descriptions and translations.

  • In the owner service menu, click ‘My Mention’ and then ‘Description’.


  • In the first field, type an extensive text about your B&B.
  • In the second field, write a short text about your B&B.
  • Now click on the flags next to the input fields to add your translations.
  • Next, click ‘Save’.

Tips for a strong text
In your description you’ll want to convince your potential guests to choose your B&B instead of another bed and breakfast. You can do this by standing out. Ask yourself: what makes my B&B unique? Browse through your guest book and read the guest reviews on What do guests write about? What did they especially enjoy? Let these special features of your bed & breakfast clearly stand out in the text, and in addition, provide information about the facilities, service and the surrounding area.

You can translate your texts using a translation robot like Google Translate. Of course these translations can be improved. Ask your foreign guests to check these machine translations or, even better, get yourself a professional translation. In our list of frequently asked questions you’ll find lots of other manuals for improving your presentation page.

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