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Description of your Bed and Breakfast; Omschrijving van je Bed and Breakfast

A good description of your Bed and Breakfast is absolutely essential. By clearly stating your strong points and expressing your atmosphere and style you can entice potential guests to your Bed and Breakfast. Result: More Reservations!

Getting the most from your Presentation Page

To present your Bed and Breakfast in the most effective way, follow the simple steps in the ‘Innkeeper Service’ as below:

  • Add an appealing description of your Bed and Breakfast
  • Add rooms and prices
  • Add attractive photos of your B&B

As soon as you have completed this process, your listing will be activated. Your Bed and Breakfast will be visible to all visitors to the website. In this post, you can read why it is so important to grab the visitors attention with a good description of your Bed and Breakfast. We will also give you a few valuable tips.

Stand out from the Crowd

A good description on your presentation page can make you stand out from the other B&Bs. Highlight your strong points and give potential guests a realistic impression of what they can expect when they visit your Bed and Breakfast. If you pay enough attention to the description you can entice potential guests into making a reservation.

Write an appealing description of your Bed and Breakfast

As well as highlighting your strong points, it is important that your description meets certain criteria to push it higher in the Google search results. Write an original description, don’t copy paste existing text from either your own website or other websites. Make sure the description is available in other languages. You can use an auto-translator but, for the best results, we advise you to use a ‘native speaker.

  • Describe your strong points (USPs)
  • Write unique, original content (don’t copy paste from existing online pages
  • Present your B&B in multiple languages (use native speakers where possible)

Post your description on your presentation page

  • Go to the ‘Innkeeper Service’
  • Go to the ‘My Listing’ and select ‘Description’ from the menu

It’s all in the details

Write an original description of your B&B (between 100 and 1000 characters). Highlight what makes your B&B special and describe the facilities, service and local surroundings. This is the text you will see on your presentation page.

Brief Summary

Fill in the most important information about your B&B (up to 250 characters). This text is shown in the list view on the search results page.


By including relevant keywords you can make your presentation page easier to find for your potential guests. Think about place names, attractions and places of interest in the surrounding areas of your B&B (up to 1000 characters).

Adding translations

Add translations by clicking on the flags. If you would like help using professional translators, please contact us.


A good description can convince your potential guests to choose your B&B over all the others. What makes your B&B unique? Read your guest book or the reviews on your presentation page. What do your guests find special? Draw attention to your special features and point out any tourist attractions or places of interest in the area.


Omschrijving van je Bed & Breakfast

What makes your B&B special? Highlight your best features in your description!

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