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Additional functions for optimising your listing; Extra presentatiemogelijkheden voor je vermelding

Your presentation page will be more user-friendly if you apply additional presentation options to your listing. This will contribute to a higher search result ranking and make your B&B more findable. And the end-result? More reservations.

Optimise your Presentation Page

The completeness of your presentation page is an important factor for a higher position in the search result. Make your presentation page as complete as possible in the innkeeper service, using the tips below:

1. Fill in the Facilities and Policies
Carefully filling in the facilities and policies, ensures that you are optimally findable on the specifications of your B&B. Make sure you have filled in the list as complete as possible. Check the aspects that apply to your B&B, so they will be visible on your presentation page. Potential guests regularly filter on desired facilities when they search for a B&B.

2. Add Maximum number of Pictures
You can add up to 18 overview pictures and 4 pictures per room on Make use of this; for guests it’s nice to see multiple pictures and it can strengthen your position.

3. Add Descriptions in 6 languages
The detailed description and room description can be added in 6 languages. Besides English, you can also add it in Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French and German. You can translate the description yourself, use a translation machine or have your texts professionally translated by our native staff members. Please contact us if you are interested in this.

4. Use the Free Reservation Module
The reservation module of is a free tool that you can use on your own website. Through this module, guests can make reservation requests. Guests who make a reservation via de reservation module, will also receive a review request after their stay. This way, you can collect more reviews faster.

5. Add Keywords
With the help of keywords, you can make your presentation page easier to find for potential guests. Add keywords that are relevant for your B&B and your surroundings. Also think of towns, theme parks and sights in the vicinity of your B&B.

Improve your page

Stand out from the Competition

Guests search for the perfect accommodation on They often search for a specific destination, region or place of interest. Not only your B&B will appear, but also those of your competitors. By using all the presentation possibilities, you will reach a higher position in the search results of our website. This can lead to more reservations!


If you’ve recorded quality footage, we recommend that you add video to your listing page. This will perfectly illustrate what makes your Bed and Breakfast unique. You can also add a vlog (video weblog) to your page. Activate your footage as follows:

  • Post your B&B footage to YouTube
  • Go to the Innkeeper Service
  • Click on Videos under ‘My listing’ in the menu
  • Paste your YouTube URL here


You can specify Restrictions in the Innkeeper Service. Examples include a ‘Minimum stay’ option during certain periods or restrictions applicable to days of arrival and departure.

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