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Bed and Breakfast Switzerland

No less than four languages are spoken in Switzerland. This makes you feel like you’re in different countries all the time and thus guarantees an amazing trip! It’s a fantastic destination for winter sports or summer holidays. Stay in a comfortable B&B, lodge, or guesthouse. Find your favourite one on Bed and Breakfast Switzerland!

B&B Wissmüli Einsiedeln
B&B Einsiedeln

Near the ski jumps from Einsiedeln we rent a very nice and quiet guest rooms with TV, private shower and toilet, very rich breakfast, conservatory lounge with tea & coffee, rent bicycles, sleds and snowshoes
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B&B Lau
B&B St. Moritz

St. Moritz rent room in lovely apartment with stunning views, as in the pictures, located in one of the most prestigious streets of the town, a five minute walk from the town center, ski lifts, shops, restaurants, and the surrounding trails for be...
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B&B Il Calicanto
B&B Malvaglia

Il Calicanto- Bed & Breakfast & Boutique"Il Calicanto" is a B&B&B.The Bed&Breakfast consists of six double bedrooms with private services. Each of them has been accurately and individually furnished. It is a “Boutiq...
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B&B Mon Rêve, jacuzzi,...
B&B Les Evouettes

"Mon rêve" is 2 steps from Aquaparc, Swiss Vapeur Park, Lake Léman, 15' from Montreux (Montreux Jazz Festival), 30' from the Museum Charlie Chaplin, the Vineyard of Lavaux, UNESCO, Foundation Gianadda, in 45' from the chocolatehouse Cailler, Gruyè...
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Bcbf Bonne Crèche BonFol
B&B Bonfol

Our friendly bed and breakfast "Bonne Crèche BonFol", situated on a hilltop with a marvellous view over the ponds and the Jura hills, and it’s big garden invites you to relax and unwind.The nature reserve with it‘s ponds, vast forests, picturesq...
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B&B Lucerne

The B&B Rittershuus - a 300 year old farmhouse in quiet area. Children welcome from about 10 years - Pets are not allowed - Free WIFI - Parking by the house - Restaurant next door - approx. 15 min Old town, Lake and Railway station. FREE Bus ticke...
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blue wall Bed & Breakfast
B&B Gebenstorf

2 Studios for 3 or 4 Persons. With kitchen and bathroom, conservatory, garden and a river walk 2 minutes behind the house.Extra bed available for 4th person.
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B&B Affoltern im Emmental

A 2-room suite (with a separate bedroom for the children), private bathroom, fridge, large shared living room, terrace, large lawn area for playing, joint use of kitchen (surcharge), LAN and WLAN, cross trainer, sauna.
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B&B Dormir à Maules
B&B Maules

Bed and breakfast for your stay in Gruyère, close to Bulle, Vaulruz, municipality of Sâles Gruyère, beautiful panorama on the Moléson, the Alps of Savoy and the Jura
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La ferme du sommet de Pouillerel
B&B La Chaux-de-Fonds

Siutes in the countryside 1200 m. above sea level, surrounded by meadows and wooded pastures typical of the Jura where peace and beauty of our landscapes émerveillerons you in summer and winter. 3km from La Chaux-de-Fonds city center, we offer 2 B...
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Bed and Bike Lugano
B&B Lugano

Looking for an unformal place in #Lugano? Want to hike, bike, visit? Want a confortable bed, room and games for children? A hearty breakfast? A relaxing swim after your day? Like to discover the hidden corners of our fantastic #Luganoregion?
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B&B Hallau

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Pension La Randulina
B&B Ramosch

Our guest house in Ramosch, a village at 1250 m on the sunny slopes of the Engadine. Ideal as a home for many mountain walks. You can benefit from our selection of workshops and guided theme weeks (mountain) walks, participation is free. The natio...
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Résidence Castel Les Chênes
B&B Territet

Would you once like to pass the night in a little castle, set in a magnificent environment ?We are waiting for you !
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Casa Antonio
B&B Golino

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B&B Treiten

The stylish Ryfflihaus is situated in a quiet location surrounded by nature and vegetable fields. The house is located in the Jura Three Lakes region not far from Murten, Erlach, Aarberg, St.Peters-island, Neuchatel, Biel, Berne and Papiliorama.
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B&B Matterhorn Golf
B&B Randa

Hotel with 34 beds, very convenient for families. Excellent hospitality for happy holidays. Quiet and sunny situation. Excellent cuisine. Paradise for hikers. Golf course. Perfect for ski trips to Zermatt. Return-Transfer to Zermatt, only 15 minut...
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B&B Lodge
B&B Bolligen

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Clemens Ruben La Fromache
B&B Mont-Soleil

Enjoy the silence.At any time.No cars, no street.Walk in nature from the house.
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Gasthof Tiefenau
B&B Bremgarten

Set in Worblaufen, Gasthof Tiefenau features a garden, bar and free WiFi. Featuring an ATM, this property also provides guests with a restaurant. The accommodation provides room service, and currency exchange for guests.At the inn, the...
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Luxury Apartments by Livingdowntown
B&B Zurich

Luxury Apartments by Livingdowntown offer units with free WiFi access, located in Zürich, a 5-minute walk from the Langstrasse nightlife area and from the Kalkbreite Tram Stop.Each apartment also comes with a flat-screen cable TV, a so...
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Private Holiday Homes by Solaria
B&B Davos Platz

Private Holiday Homes by Solaria has well-equipped accommodation featuring free WiFi in Davos, 800 metres from Davos Congress Centre and 1.3 km from Vaillant Arena.Fitted with a terrace, the units feature a flat-screen TV and a private...
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Seeloft - Apartments By The Lake
B&B Zurich

Located 2.6 km from Zurich Opera House, SEELOFT - Apartments by the Lake offers a garden, a terrace and air-conditioned accommodation with a balcony and free WiFi.All self-catered units feature parquet floors and are fitted with a flat...
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Crans Luxury Lodges
B&B Crans-Montana

Crans Luxury Lodges enjoys a quiet location surrounded by forests, 100 metres from the Montana Cable Car. The chalets offer direct access to the ski slopes, a balcony overlooking the Matterhorn, and a small private spa area. Free WiFi is available...
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Ticino; Italian excellence

If you like Italian ambiance, then Ticino is the destination for you. Ticino is an Italian-speaking region in southern Switzerland with palm-lined lakes and sharp Alpine peaks. Drink an espresso on a terrace along beautiful Lake Lugano or take a stroll through the shopping streets. Pasta, pizza, gelato, and Italian designer brands can be found everywhere in Lugano.

Staying in Lucerne and Lake Lucerne

Brilliant skiing is on offer in the area surrounding Lucerne , the very heart of Switzerland. If you visit in the summer, hike or take a cableway up Mount Pilatus or Mount Rigi. The views from Lake Lucerne are absolutely breath-taking, so go on a boat cruise or bring out the photographer!

The romantic sphere of Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is one of the world’s favourite and the most famous lakes. If you’d like some romance, visit the Chillon Castle and be charmed by the brilliant view across the lake. There are many exciting cities in the area, including Geneva itself with its parks and historic buildings.

World heritage listed Bern

Bern might not be as well-known, but the city has a lovely old centre listed as a World Heritage Site. Bern is also known for having the longest covered shopping promenade in the world, with a total length of six kilometres! Not even rainy weather can stop you from stocking up on Swiss souvenirs like chocolate, watches and pocketknives.

Book your BnB on Bed and Breakfast Switzerland!

Few countries are as diverse as Switzerland. With mountains, lakes, trendy cities, idyllic historic sites, at least four languages, and the prettiest European flag… Switzerland has it all. Book your ideal bed and BnB, hostel or guesthouse now and go exploring! Choose your favourite on Bed and Breakfast Switzerland.
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