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In 2022, the Bedandbreafast.eu colleagues packed our bags and visited places that had sat on our bucket list for years. Or we returned to that never forgotten place that once made us so happy. Do you want to learn all about Elena’s trip to the Philippines or Silvia’s favourite spot in Italy? Read our travel diaries and find out!

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Elena’s Travel Diaries in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of those destinations I had had in mind for years. So for our 2022 summer vacation, my partner and I packed our bags for a 3-week trip to the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. After almost two days of travel, our first stop was the beautiful island of Siargao, a paradise island full of palm trees, ideal for motorbike tours and island hopping to Mamon Island or Sugba Lagoon. Our second stop was the island of Bohol, a perfect mountainous island to explore over a few days.

We loved the Chocolate Hills and the zipline over the Loboc River.

However, we were most looking forward to diving with turtles in Balicasag. Our third destination was the well-known El Nido. All the photos you have seen of the Philippines have probably been of “island hoppings” around here. This underwater paradise of the island of Palawan is made for snorkelling among coral reefs. Our fourth and final destination was the charming town of Port Barton on Palawan. In addition to heavenly beaches and snorkelling with turtles, here we discovered the real Philippines in the hands of charming locals. So in my travel diaries, I 100% recommend visiting some of the Philippine islands and discovering this wonderful country!

Josjah’s trip to Croatia

A road trip through Croatia was just a dream for Josjah, but it wasn’t until this year that he managed to fulfil it. His enthusiasm for this trip came from all the travel stories he’d heard and read about this country. So he packed his bags and jumped in the car to start his journey.

He decided to follow the typical route from north to south of the country since it is the one that allows you to know and discover most of Croatia.

Josjah was impressed by everything, from the sprawling vineyards of Rovinj and the azure waters of the Plitvice Lakes to the spectacular nightlife on the island of Hvar. Nor can he forget all the beautiful beaches and caves he discovered along the way. As well as walks through the historic walled city of Dubrovnik and its deliciously rich gastronomy. Josjah describes Croatia as a country straight out of a fairy tale and would recommend it to anyone looking for an adventure.

Discovering Eastern Canada with Ruth

The best thing about Ruth’s 2022 vacation was, without a doubt, the 3 weeks travelling 5000km through Eastern Canada to visit her brother in Montreal, Québec. After picking up the rental car that would ferry them around on their trip, they hit the famous King’s Road scenic drive to discover their first breathtaking views over the St. Lawrence River. Then, according to her travel journal, they spent the night in a cosy B&B in Notre-Dame-du-Portage. Ruth and her family explored the first national park watching one of the most beautiful sunrises she’d ever seen. 

They continued the route towards the Gaspé peninsula to see the famous cliff of Rocher Percé.

The route took Ruth to the Parc du Bic, a place interlaced with impressive hiking trails, canoeing routes and the chance to go whale watching in Tadoussac. After many days spent in nature, they continued their journey to the cities of Quebec, Ottawa and Toronto. She says that she will never forget the views from the CN Tower. Finally, they visited the 1000 Islands National Park, an archipelago of hundreds of islands that is well worth the detour. Ruth will be back for sure!

Holidays in Senigallia de Silvia

If you ask Silvia what her best travel experience of 2022 has been, you can bet she will tell you Senegallia. As well as being where Silvia’s family is from, Senegallia’s sandy beaches, calm waters and pleasant beach bars have been hosting their family vacations for years. Silvia and her family were “afraid” they might get bored, but there were many activities to do, such as a curious walk through the maze in the wheat fields.

They also had the opportunity to take a day trip to Conero.

Here they had to do a bit of trekking to discover the crystal clear and transparent beach of Mezzavalle. Then they treated themselves to a well-deserved aperitif in the square in Sirolo. The best memory of Silvia’s trip took place on a rainy day when they went by car to discover a piece of the Middle Ages in the Montefeltro area and the inland area, which is full of enchanted castles. According to Silvia, the best thing about Senigallia is that there is not one specific thing that makes it unique. It is the combination of sea and mountains, mixed with events and historic towns. Not to mention the amazing food and culture that make this country perfect for travelling with the family. A definite stamp of approval from Silvia!

Julia’s getaway to Ille-et-Vilaine

Julia wanted to share her travel stories from the summer of 2022 with us. What is so special about these moments is you can feel the happiness of living this trip with her family. Julia paints a picture of her escapade to Ille-et-Vilaine, a small town between Cancale and Saint-Malo in Normandy. Early in the morning, she chose to bathe in the sea to take advantage of the high tide. In the afternoon, she took a little road trip along the fish ponds to Saint-Benoît-des-Ondes.

They went up to the gazebo, a poetic creation by artist J-L Vilmouth.

She invites us to walk with her along a metal walkway that wraps around an old mill like a draped dress. You have an incredible view of the bay and the marshes from up high up there. In the evening, Julia and her family had a memorable dinner on the small terrace of the Le Bout du Quai restaurant in Cancale. They enjoyed a seafood platter as a family, observing the lights and colours that change minute by minute over the bay. The tide traced magnificent shapes on the sand. In the distance, the mysterious silhouette of Mont-Saint-Michel could be seen… All in all, an unforgettable day that will stay with you forever!

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