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Bed and breakfast under the Swedish sun


Swedish summers are perfect for sportive activities, but you can also sit back and relax on the beach.

Snow, ABBA and Swedish sauna’s. We all have different associations with the country of Sweden, but gorgeous summers usually aren’t part of that list. Time for Bedandbreakfast.eu to change that!


After a long walk you can stay in a typical Swedish B&B.

Swedish summer vacation
Many people think Sweden has cold and wet summers, but nothing could be further from the truth. In July, the average day temperature adds up to about 20°C in the north-east, and to 22°C in the south. Perfect weather for a hiking route through, for example, the Fulufjället National Park in the province of Dalarnas Län. Here you can wander through the ravines and make a picture of the oldest tree in the world. Or cross through the Swedish nature on a mountain bike and spend the night in a bed and breakfast that is located along the route.

B&B near a white sandy beach
There are many white sandy beaches to be found along the south coast of Sweden. Although the seawater might be a bit chilly, with only 15 to 17 degrees Celsius, the beaches are a great place to visit when the weather is sunny. Or dive into one of the many Swedish lakes. Here, the water temperature can easily rise up to 20°C or more. Popular beaches among others are Mellbystrand, Varberg and Laholm in the province of Halland Län. In the Skåne Län region, the beaches of Skanör, Sandhammaren and Åhus attract many visitors.

Bed and breakfast Stockholm

Stockholm has marvellous streets, with lovely B&B accommodations.

Bed en breakfast in the city
In addition to its abundance of natural beauty, Sweden offers ancient culture and modern architecture. Cities such as Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm offer many options in the field of art and culture. Don’t forget to bring your Swedish crowns with you, when you are planning to go shopping and explore the nightlife!

Book a bed and breakfast in Sweden
Everywhere in Sweden you find beautiful B&B’s. Each bed and breakfast is unique. Experience it yourself! Find your perfect B&B in our extensive offer and book directly.

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