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Wiggers’ Bed and Breakfast: “Reservation system is excellently composed”

The reservation system in the owner service of helps Yvonne Wiggers, owner of Wiggers’ Bed and Breakfast in the Dutch city of Hengelo, to manage requests and reservations. “It’s really excellently composed”. A short interview.

Was it difficult for you to figure out how the reservation system works?
“No, not really. I am not really into all that computer stuff, but you go through it one step at a time. It wasn’t difficult at all.”

How does it work?
“People make a request, which I receive via email. First I let them know whether the B&B is available or not. They can see that for themselves, because I use the reservation system, but I still confirm it. Then I wait for the guest to send their confirmation. Once they send it, I can turn the request into a reservation. One click and the reservation is final. It’s very easy. I’ve also placed the reservation system on my own website, and it works perfectly. Reservations that are made through telephone area added manually.”

Do you think it’s important to keep the availability of your B&B up to date?
“Yes, if I were a guest I would also immediately like to know where I stand. Thus I respond to new requests immediately.”

How do you use the overview of reservations in the owner service?
“It helps me to easily maintain my administration. I print out all reservations. That way I have all the information right at hand, and at the same time these prints form my night register.”

What do you think of the email templates in the reservation system?
“I don’t use the standard email templates to answer requests.  I’ve created a personal e-mail with our logo in the reservation system, and added it as an email template.  I translate emails to foreign guests myself, as well as I can.”

Did you know that the email templates are available in six languages?
“Are they? I’m going to try that!”

Note from the editors: 
If you respond to a request or a message through the reservation system, you can choose from a number of standard emails. These are the so-called ‘email templates’. They are available in Dutch, German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. You can also write your own emails and save them in the reservation systems as a template for reuse. See: reservation system speed course >>

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