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Booking a bed & breakfast: anticipatory pleasure without disappointment

Bed and breakfast reservation system

Booking a B&B through has to be fun, easy and efficient.

If you want to spend the night in a bed & breakfast, the anticipatory pleasure already starts online. You view the pictures and read the reviews. What a magnificent bathroom – and can you picture yourself drifting off in that luscious bed? You’ve found your perfect B&B.

Enthusiastically you make a reservation request… after which the owner lets you know that the room is occupied. Surely a disappointment! The team of wants booking a bed & breakfast to be fun, easy, and efficient. We don’t want our visitors to be disappointed. We want them to have a pleasant experience in all respects. And for them to revisit for a new reservation – maybe at your B&B.

Complaints of visitors
As a visitor of you usually make a reservation request at a B&B, after which the owner informs you of their availability. Many owners find this system very convenient and familiar. Lately however, we have been noticing that visitors no longer think this is the perfect way. They are disappointed when they find out that a bed & breakfast has no rooms available. We are receiving complaints about this every day.

Not waiting for a definite answer
Today’s internet user proceeds efficiently. As soon as they’ve made a choice, they immediately want a definite answer. This is how it works in web shops, and on many booking websites and it’s become a standard. Having to wait for an answer is out of date. The impatient internet user rather clicks further, to a B&B that does provide up-to-date availability information. This is today’s reality: a trend should not ignore.

Many reservation requests
As always, our purpose is: to get as many visitors on as possible, so you- the B&B owner – will receive many reservation requests. The website is popular, and of course we would like to keep it that way. We can do so by providing reliable, up-to-date availability information. For that purpose we’ve designed the reservation system with the availability calendar. Especially for everyone with a mention on

Every request is a hit
The reservation system provides a clear overview of all your received requests. You can easily respond to these requests, in six languages. The visitor can see on which days they can or cannot stay in your B&B, and thus make an aimed reservation request. You no longer have to turn down requests: every request through is a hit.

We ask for your cooperation wants to provide its visitors with clear and complete information. About your B&B accommodation and facilities, but also about the availability of your rooms. This is customer friendliness in the year of 2013. That is why rewards accommodations who fill in their availability calendar, with a higher position.

Together, we can make even better and even more informative for visitors. And to do that, we need you!  We invite you to get to know the reservation system and the availability calendar of In our ‘Speed course reservation system’ you can see how it works, step by step. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we would be happy to explain to you how the reservation system works. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

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