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B&B Stormvogel: “Tremendous convenience of the reservation system”

Bed and breakfast De Stormvogel

Jolle Dijkstra and Ria Baldee and their bed & breakfast ‘De Stormvogel’ on Terschelling.

Ever more B&B owners are discovering the convenience of’s reservation system with availability calendar. Since the introduction of the system, Jolle Dijkstra and Ria Baldee of B&B De Stormvogel on the Dutch island Terschelling are managing their bookings much easier.

B&B Availability calendar

Click ‘Send’ and it’s done!

Every request is a hit
Jolle: “Now, all requests that arrive through Bed & Breakfast Europe are requests for which we actually have availability. We no longer have to turn down guests. A much better way of working.” His partner, Ria Baldee, handles all the bookings, and she’s equally enthusiastic about the reservation system. “It offers tremendous convenience. I receive a request through email and all I have to do is click on it and log in. The email is already set up; I only have to fill out the arrival and departure times plus the payment information. Click ‘Send’ and it’s done!”

Standard e-mails in six languages
Ria uses the standard emails or email templates that are included in the reservation system. “You can always add or change things yourself.  For example, you can fill in names to make the email more personal.” Email templates are available in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. A godsend, Ria thinks. “First I had to check how to put things in a certain language, and Google Translate didn’t provide accurate translations. These emails are all perfect. French, German, English….all you have to do is click on them, it’s wonderful.”

Few actions
In the reservation system, you can appoint different statuses to a request: ‘Option’, ‘Reservation’ or ‘Cancelled’.  Ria: “Sometimes I set a request to ‘Option’ if I have to think about it. Once a booking is final, I change the request to ‘Reservation’.  I print out every reservation, so I have all the information together. It takes only a few actions.”

Bed & breakfast reservation system

You can give a new reservation three statuses: option, reservation or cancelled.

Just dare it
Is it complicated to get familiar with the reservation system? Ria says it isn’t. “It just takes some getting used to. Like with many things; the remote control, mobile phones…. You just have to practice and then you will find out how much convenience it can give you. Many people might be less skilled with the computer. So was I, but you just have to do it.  Just dare it. And if you make a mistake, you just reverse it!”

Customer friendly
“You have to do it for your guests”.  Ria thinks. “So they will know when they can and when they cannot come. They don’t have to waste a phone call or an email; they only need to fill in the reservation request form. It’s easy, and customer friendly.” Would she recommend the B&B reservation system with availability calendar to other B&B owners? “I only benefit from it. And if your website and availability calendar are up to date, your guests will be happy too. And that’s what you do it for, right? Speed course: how the reservation system works >>

Not a member of yet
Are you interested in the B&B reservation system with availability calendar, but do you not have a mention on yet? Register today, the reservation system and the availability calendar will be at your disposal immediately. You can place the calendar on your own website, for free. More information >>

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