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Bed & Breakfast Europe moves to former airport building

Office Bed & Breakfast Europe’s new home: a former airport building.

At the end of this year, Bed & Breakfast Europe will move to a special office building: a former airport building with a characteristic traffic tower! The new office building offers all the space for to expand further. The building is located in the Dutch town of Eindhoven.

In 1999 Hanny Hoedemaker started the website From the early beginning, this website grew fast, driven by the large success of the B&B-industry and the emergence of internet. “In 2009 we launched the European website Meanwhile there are 45,000 European B&B’s on this website. Our team grew along with it and that’s why it was time for a larger space. This characteristic building is just what we were looking for!”

National heritage
The new accommodation of Bed & Breakfast Europe is a Dutch National Heritage Site that dates back to 1935. The building was designed by architect Dirk Roosenburg. Up until 1984 it served as airport building for the former Welschap airport in Eindhoven. This town is mostly known as the home town of the Dutch soccer club PSV and electronics manufacturer Philips. And from now on, also as home town of the biggest B&B site of Europe:!

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