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2021 holiday ideas: post-corona travel trends

Travel has obviously changed with the pandemic, so what are the new ways to getaway? Find out what new kind of traveller you are and which 2021 travel trends suit you best. From the Solo Explorer to the Bubble Traveller, you’ll find a new way to enjoy a B&B.

Bedamdbreakfast.ey; 2021 holiday ideas: post-corona travel trends

Slow Traveller

Slow travel is going to be one of the top travel trends in 2021. Small villages to be discovered, places to explore leisurely by bike or on horseback, and local flavours to be encountered. Staying in a Bed and Breakfast is the perfect way for you to connect with local life. If you love the small details and experiencing the real-life culture, don’t miss the opportunity to embark on one of the best slow journeys in 2021: 

Solo Explorer

Were you an adventure seeker? Do you have globetrotting in your DNA? Then in the post-corona era, you may become a solo explorer. Minimize contact and push yourself with a physical challenge by hiking or cycling alone. Staying in little B&Bs, these solo trips are an opportunity for introspection and personal growth and are fast becoming one of the hottest travel trends for 2021.

Bubble Traveller

The pandemic has kept us isolated from friends, family and loved ones. Therefore, one of the travel trends for 2021 could be getting together and making up for lost time. The best thing about group travel is you can stay in your own contact bubble and stick to your own rules. Book a large B&B with your loved ones, either in a childhood destination or somewhere new you can discover together. 

Short Tripper

If you used to be a social butterfly, visiting trendy instagrammable destinations, then you must be itching to find out how to travel. Take advantage of every relaxation in the measures and grab a B&B close to home. Travel trends indicate that taking short trips to post-worthy locations is very 2021. Staying in the country means you don’t have to work out how to travel internationally while still allowing you to reconnect with your wandering soul. 

2021 Sunseeker

Are you the eternal sunworshipper, always trying to top up your vitamin D? International travel may not be preferable or easy this year. However, you can still catch some rays on the UK’s finest beaches. Coastal B&Bs are set to be one of the sought-out travel trends for 2021, so book your favourite early. After all, that time cooped up indoors, just relaxing in the fresh air is food for the soul!

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