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    This seaside resort on the South English coast is known for its authentic atmosphere. The city boasts a unique combination of old Victorian-style buildings and vibrant nightlife in the city center. Visit the Hove Museum & Art Gallery to get a taste of the local culture or feel like you’re part of the royal family in the Royal Pavilion. Staying in an authentic English B&B from Bed and Breakfast Brighton will complete your trip to this cozy seaside town.

    Stroll alongside the boulevard

    No seaside resort would be complete without an astonishing pier, and neither would Brighton. The pier is the emblem of the city. Here you can enjoy delicious food in several restaurants, have fun on the playground or enjoy one of the many rides in the attraction park. Bed and Breakfast Brighton offers accommodations nearby the pier as well.

    Events and entertainment

    During summer, the city hosts dozens of entertaining events. The biggest event in the coastal town takes place in May: Brighton Festival. The festival offers something for everyone, whether you love music, theatre, dance, circus, art, film, literature, or debates. Do you like theatre? Then visit a show at BOAT, the Brighton Open Air Theatre. A unique experience!

    Museums and culture

    you might not think so, but Brighton houses many interesting museums. Like any seaside resort, it also has a past in fishing. Stories and artifacts about this history can be found in the Brighton Fishing Museum. You’ll find an overview of the general history of the city and the surrounding area at the Brighton Museum.

    Lovely weather and stunning beaches

    The weather is strongly influenced by its location on the North Sea. This is causing an often-changing weather pattern, however, the North Sea water is accompanied by a warm wave stream, which makes the temperature often enjoyable. So, especially in summer, you can enjoy yourself on one of the beautiful beaches.

    Stay in a BnB

    Brighton is a bustling city with a lot to offer. Make your stay complete with an authentic and affordable BnB from Bed and Breakfast Brighton. Do you need some advice on where to find a good restaurant or an entertaining evening program? Ask your host or hostess!