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    Bed and Breakfast Cambridge

    Cambridge is known as a university and student city. Together with Oxford, the town forms the duo most famous and most important universities in the United Kingdom. The many students make for a laid-back atmosphere and vibrant nightlife. Thus, Cambridge is a cozy city ready to be discovered. Book a B&B on Bed and Breakfast Cambridge to become its next admirer.

    Musical vibes and cultural excellence

    Cambridge has been important for recent music history as the famous bands Pink Floyd and Katrina and the Waves call it their hometown. Furthermore, Syd Barrett and David Gilmour were born here. The town is also known for the many choirs as both universities have their own choirs.

    Technology and intelligence

    Due to the presence of many students, Cambridge is strongly focused on the future. Over the years, many technology companies have settled here, giving the city the nickname "Silicon Fen". Because of this, the municipality has become very important from British employment.

    Beautiful university buildings

    The buildings all date back to the Middle Ages as the university was founded in 1204. Peterhouse, the oldest still existing university building, dates back to 1280. A nice way to view the monumental buildings is with a traditional punter ship from the river Cam. The B&B’s from Bed and Breakfast Cambridge show this ancient style too as they are often located in beautiful old buildings.

    Gorgeous gardens

    Alongside the stunning buildings, you’ll find several beautiful botanical gardens. In total, there are 800 plant species to be found. A beautiful place to view the gardens is from the Backs, the picturesque town area along the Cam River.

    City rights in 1951

    An old English law states that every city must have a cathedral. Cambridge does not have a cathedral, and therefore it was not granted city rights until 1951 when an exception was made. However, there are a number of churches and many buildings have a chapel.

    Museums and art

    Many museums are connected to the university. For example, there is the Fitzwilliam Museum, where various types of art from both antiquity and more recent periods are exhibited. You’ll find B&B’s nearby these areas on Bed and Breakfast Cambridge.