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    Oxford is a university city that, thanks to the presence of the many students, has a relaxed atmosphere. However, the town also knows a lot of industry as cars from different brands are manufactured here, and the city is also full of printing and publishing houses, which mainly produce the university's textbooks. Oxford is a vibrant city worth discovering. Book a B&B on Bed and Breakfast Oxford and start your journey!

    Decor of detectives

    The English university city takes an important place in the literary world. The famous detective stories by Inspector Morse and the Lewis television series were made in Oxford. Also, the town has produced some famous authors, such as J.R.R. Tolkien. Find out more about these stories while strolling through the different parts of town.

    City of dreary spikes

    The many university buildings in Oxford have a matching architecture. Many buildings have a tower, hence Oxford is also called 'City of dreary spikes'. Beautiful views over the municipality can be found on the Carfax Tower, originally the church tower of St. Martin Church. Nowadays the tower is part of the town hall. Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere, and book your favourite accommodation on Bed and Breakfast Oxford.

    Picnic in the green

    Besides being industrial, Oxford is also very naturally green. There are a number of city parks, where you can enjoy a picnic. Afterwards, you can stroll through the hip Cowley district, where you will find strikingly many music shops and nice clothes boutiques. Are you a real shopping lover? Go to the nearby Bicester Village, an outlet centre for well-known brands like Ralph Lauren and Nike.

    Walk through a movie set

    A number of scenes from the famous Harry Potter movie series are recorded in Oxford. You can make various walks along the movie locations, with a guide telling you about the recordings. The most famous Potter film location is the Bodleian library, which the true fan will recognise as the Zweinstein library. Book a B&B close to these settings on Bed and Breakfast Oxford and feel like e real Potter or Weasley.