Bed and Breakfast Sydney

    Sydney is Australia's oldest city. The city was founded in 1788 and expanded into an important city in the cultural and economic sphere. Despite the fact that the city is quite old, the street scene is dominated by predominantly modern buildings. Examples of this are the famous Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. B&B’s from Bed and Breakfast Sydney are provided with all modern conveniences.

    Architectural Highness

    One of the most famous buildings in the world is in Sydney: the Sydney Opera House. The building houses various concert halls, restaurants and cafés. The most famous hall is of course the big opera hall. The Opera House was built after a design contest for the building was issued. Architect Jorn Utzon inspired the design of the Sydney Opera House on the sails of the many sailing ships that crossed Sydney Harbour in earlier times.

    Harbour Bridge

    Another well-known building in the Australian city is the Harbour Bridge. On 19 March 1932, the bridge was opened after six years of work. In the design of the bridge you will find six million hand-knotted rivets. It is possible to climb the arch of the bridge, but this tour is only suitable for people with a good fitness. Furthermore, a safety training and wearing a safety harness are required. If you are not into heights, there is plenty of experience in the harbour: from the Sydney Aquarium to several museums. You can also enjoy a nice drink on a terrace. Find a Bed and Breakfast Sydney accommodation.

    Back in European time

    Traditionally, there are many people with European roots in Australia. You will find them mainly in the neighbourhood of The Rocks. This is the oldest district of the city, which deals with European old warehouses, mostly built in sandstone. Here you can shop in the boutiques and shops with typical Australian souvenirs. Enjoy a day full of exciting activities and great experiences to then take some rest on one of the many beaches. End the day in a B&B from Bed and Breakfast Sydney.