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    Few countries appeal to the imagination the way Australia does. This country is synonymous with freedom, thanks to never-ending panoramas, stunning nature and roads that you can follow for hours without encountering another human being. But the friendly pubs and Aussie hospitality mean that you’ll never feel lonely. Take the trip of a lifetime through Australia and stay in authentic B&B from Bed and Breakfast Australia!

    Sydney: a cosmopolitan with a story

    Bustling, cosmopolitan Sydney is a real-world city. Visit its highlights such as the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Melbourne, on the other hand, is the hip capital of the state of Victoria. A good place to start your journey here is on Federation Square, which is surrounded by many galleries, shops, restaurants and cafés.

    Your trip in Western Australia

    Travelling through Australia inspires the ultimate feeling of freedom. Travel through the Western Australia region of Kimberley in a minivan along dirt roads. A sight not to be missed is the stunning Great Ocean Road. Start this route in Geelong or Torquay in Victoria and follow it all the way to Port Fairy. On the way, you’ll pass the Twelve Apostles, a group of limestone formations that rise up from the sea.

    Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

    Imagine diving or snorkelling among coral reefs, tropical fish, dolphins and turtles on the Great Barrier Reef. You could even earn your scuba certification in places like Airlie and Cairns. Stretch out on one of the pristine white beaches and try to spot a humpback whale in the sky-blue sea.

    Alice Springs

    Urulu or Ayers Rock, the gigantic red boulder surrounded by flat desert landscape, is possibly Australia’s best-known natural phenomenon. The nearest town, Alice Springs, is hundreds of kilometres away, though you can stay overnight in the village of Yurala. To the west of Ayers Rock are The Ogas, a group of massive round monoliths.

    Book a BnB from Bed and Breakfast Australia

    Regardless of whether you’d like to spot kangaroos on Kangaroo Island, or prefer the hustle-and-bustle of cities like Sydney and Brisbane, you can stay in superb BnB’s throughout the country. Find your perfect one on Bed and Breakfast Australia!