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Watch out for Black Saturday

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Maybe it is smarter to postpone the journey…

The busiest time of the year for Europe’s roads is approaching! This year, July 30 and August 6 are designated as Black Saturdays. Massive traffic jams are expected on roads in France, Germany and Switzerland.

France and Germany
Coming Saturdays, about six hundred kilometers of traffic jam is expected for the afternoon in France. All major routes from north to south will be jammed. In Germany most traffic is expected when travelling from Frankfurt via Neurenberg to Munich and also when travelling to Austria.

Switzerland and Italy

In Switzerland the waiting time for the Sint-Gotthardtunnel will run up to over three hours. And when travelling to Italy, you will also get stuck near Lake Garda and the coast. It might be slightly less busy on alternative routes, but be wise and don’t travel here at all!

B&B’s in less touristic areas
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