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Perfect honeymoon in a bed & breakfast

French chateau bed & breakfast

Perfect for a wedding night: a bed & breakfast in a castle! Foto: Chateau Beauregard d Égleny.

Champagne, candles and rose peddles: what could be more romantic than a wedding night? Everyone has their perfect image to go with that. You can let all your dreams come true! Many bed & breakfasts have a special wedding package where you spend the night in a beautiful suite. Especially a B&B owner will pull out all the stops to turn your wedding night into an unforgettable event.

Bed & breakfast in Scotland
The most beautiful country estates can be found in Great Britain. Take Armadale House for example, at the Northern shore of Scotland. This house is beautifully located in the elongated green hills of Scotland. A perfect starting point for long hikes or an unforgettable horse ride! Here’s a list of B&B’s in country estates in Great Britain.

Spending the night in a chateau
Spending the night in a chateau in France: If that isn’t a surprise for your loved one? On  Bedandbreakfast.eu you find about ninety B&B’s in French chateaus. Like Bed and Breakfast Chateau De Beauregard. Featuring an outdoor swimming pool, Chateau de Beauregard is located in Beauregard, close to Saint-Girons. Sitting in the middle of a spacious park it features a rose garden and a spa with a hot tub and steam bath.

Fairy-tale castle in Portugal
Portugal is the perfect country for romantic getaways. Here you find an abundance of medieval fairy-tale castles and ruins to explore. Especially the town of Sintra, just North of Lisbon is breathtakingly beautiful. From this historic mansion you overlook the ancient old Moorish castle of Sintra. Take a look at our list of more bed & breakfasts in picturesque villas in Portugal.

More romantic B&B’s in Europe
In all of Europe you can find gorgeous B&B’s that are perfect for wedding nights or honeymoons. You can find them by using the search filters of bedandbreakfast.eu. First choose the country where you want to stay. Subsequently, left of the search results, find the search filter ‘Type’. Here you can select the accommodation – for example a castle, villa or mansion – of your choice. Go to Bedandbreakfast.eu >>

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