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Our Most Visited Destinations 2021

As the year draws to a close, we look back on fun-filled holidays spent all over Europe. Some played it safe and stayed close to home, while others ventured South searching for the sun and looser restrictions. Here are the top destinations 2021. So where will you go next year?

Bedandbreakfast.eu; Our Most Visited Destinations 2021

Blackpool, UK

Blackpool has always been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK. The embodiment of typical British seaside nostalgia, this town is all about striped deckchairs, fish and chips and, of course, the famous illuminations. It is no wonder that in this year of uncertainty, so many people chose to stick to what they know, making Blackpool one of the top destinations 2021. So next year, grab a stick of rock and head on down to a B&B by the sea!

Bed and Breakfast Blackpool

London, UK

One of the hidden advantages of the Corona pandemic is that destinations usually bursting at the seams with crowds of tourists are this year pleasantly quiet. Even with reduced numbers of foreign visitors, London was still one of the top destinations 2021. No trouble getting tickets at the West End, no queues at Buckingham palace. 2021 was the perfect year to visit this once tumultuous metropolis. Will you go next year?

Bed and Breakfast London

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a surprising entry as one of the top destinations 2021. The majority of the clubs and beach bars for which this Balearic island is famous remained closed through the summer. Despite this, Ibiza was as popular as ever, with thousands flocking to its shores perhaps to experience the many other delights the island has to offer. For there is more to this sun-kissed white island than all-night raves and dance beats. Venture off the beaten track and discover rustic villages and a wealth of heritage and culture. 

Bed and Breakfast Ibiza


As one of the first countries to open its borders to travellers, Greece is a shoo-in as one of the top destinations 2021. However, the relaxed attitude of the friendly owners of a B&B Greece makes this destination a real tonic for the stress we’ve endured over the last two years. Start planning your trip to a B&B Greece next year. Where you can soak up the sun, quaff some Retsina and have a well-earned break. Yamas!

Bed and Breakfast Greece


This Mediterranean jewel has been gaining in popularity for decades, and this year is no exception. Croatia has once again secured its place as one of the top destinations 2021 on Bedandbreakfast.eu. Holidaymakers are drawn to its spectacular coastline speckled with small islands in an emerald sea. So whether you like to explore the cultural legacy left behind by a stormy past or just stretch out on the beach, Croatia has something for everyone. 

Bed and Breakfast Croatia

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