Diervriendelijke B&B’s

Fun: taking your dog to a bed and breakfast

Bedandbreakfast.eu; Fun: taking your dog to a bed and breakfast

Did you know that many bed and breakfastswelcome dogs as well? In Germany alone there are over 3.100 B&B’s where you are allowed to bring your pet. Also in other European countries there are many B&B’s where you can bring your pet. You can easily find these pet friendly accommodations on Bedandbreakfast.eu.

Finding a pet friendly bed & breakfast on Bedandbreakfast.eu:

  • First find your destination on Bedandbreakfast.eu. A list of B&B’s will appear.
  • At the left of B&B’s found, you find a list of search filters.
  • Use the filter ‘Facilities’ and please select:  ‘Guest Pets welcome (after consultation)’.  The search results are now reduced to a list of animal friendly B&B’s.

B&B with horse stable
Tip: Do you have a horse? Then it’s good to know that there are B&B’s with stables in all countries worldwide. You can find them by using the search filter ‘Facilities’ > ‘Stable’. So, plenty of options to visit a bed & breakfast with your four-legged friend. Go to Bedandbreakfast.eu and find an animal-friendly B&B >>


Janneke Scheepers

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