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Most historic Hanseatic cities for a surprising city trip; Most historic Hanseatic cities for a surprising city trip

Embark on a historical adventure through cobblestone streets, charming markets, and cosy B&Bs in the enchanting centres of commerce that made up the Hanseatic cities of the Netherlands. Stay in a B&B in a Hanseatic city and witness how centuries of culture and trade left their mark.

Hanseatic City of Deventer

Discover Deventer’s allure with its majestic architecture, ancient squares, and scenic position along the winding IJssel River. Trace the footsteps of the Hanseatic League, a medieval pact uniting merchants across cities in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Lose yourself in the historical scenes by day and unwind in a cosy B&B Deventer by night.

Bed and Breakfast Deventer

Kicking off your Kampen adventure

Hanseatic cities are characterised by their waterside locations, which are favourable for trade. Picture medieval merchants ferrying goods on cog ships between these historic hubs. Explore Kampen, boasting the Kampen Kogge, a faithful replica of a 1340 cog ship, a unique draw alongside the abundant monuments, cosy atmosphere, and hospitable Kampen B&Bs.

Bed and Breakfast Kampen

Zip around Zwolle

Of all the Hanseatic cities within the Dutch kingdom, Zwolle stands out as a gem for culture enthusiasts and shopaholics alike! Wander its bustling heart, teeming with quaint little boutiques, cosy cafes, and fancy restaurants. Moreover, staying in a B&B Zwolle, it is easy to imagine yourself in the glorious days of the Hanseatic League, take a city walk and step into the grandeur of the past.

Bed and Breakfast Zwolle

Historic Harderwijk

Since 1252, Harderwijk has proudly held its title as a Hanseatic city, earning its place as one of the Netherlands’ oldest. Stay in a bed and breakfast in Harderwijk, an authentic city located on the former Zuiderzee resplendent with dozens of national monuments, including the iconic Vischpoort. Discover its charming squares, spot traditional Dutch fishing vessels in the harbour, and enjoy a drink amidst the historic market ambience. And when the sun shines, you can unwind on the city’s inviting beachfront.

Bed and Breakfast Harderwijk

Enchanting Elburg

Elburg is a quintessential Hanseatic centre, promising a city trip with delightful surprises. Step through the iconic Vischpoort and immerse yourself in a medieval panorama. Marvel at sturdy ramparts, intricate casemates, and charming cobblestone pathways of this fortified town. Plus, its straightforward streets ensure you’ll find your way back to your bed and breakfast with ease in this enchanting fortress town.

Bed and Breakfast Elburg

B&Bs in Historic Hanseatic Hubs

The Netherlands claims over twenty Hanseatic cities, each bearing the indelible mark of its rich commercial history. From grand city gates to quaint harbours and from elegant merchant houses to authentic tall ships, the legacy of trade permeates every corner. Plus, with shops and eateries galore and welcoming B&Bs, these destinations offer an ideal escape for a weekend retreat. Where will your next Hanseatic adventure take you?

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