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‘Bed and Breakfast in Europe’ report: facts and figures from the B&B industry

Bedandbreakfast.eu; ‘Bed and Breakfast in Europe’ report: facts and figures from the B&B industry

Interesting: the average room price for a bed & breakfast in Europe is € 76.46 (per night) and the average annual sales amount to € 16,700. These are just two facts that emerge from the Bed & Breakfast in Europe research report, a must-have for anyone who wants to know more about the European B&B industry. This report is also very enlightening for the already operative B&B-owners: get to know the competition with this report.

Unique market study
The research was held in 2014 among accommodations that are connected to Bedandbreakfast.eu, and is unique in its sort: worldwide there is no comparable international market research into bed & breakfast. In total, 3,704 B&B owners from 24 European countries participated in the questionnaire. The results have been analysed in cooperation with Stenden University.

Some key figures of an average bed & breakfast in Europe:

  • Number of guest rooms: 5.2
  • Number of beds: 7.6
  • Room price in 2014: € 76.46
  • Number of guests in 2013: 347
  • Annual turnover: € 16,700

B&B guests
Bed & breakfasts in Europe are mostly visited by older couples without children. For a quarter of the B&Bs they form the main group of guests. Young couples without children are an important group as well. Noteworthy is that a quarter of the guests spend the night in a European bed & breakfast for work or business purposes. As a result, the accommodations have a good occupancy during weekdays as well.

Bed and Breakfast Market Research

The report contains many graphics and tables, it will be sent to you as a digital PDF-document.

Order research report
If you would like more facts and figures from the European B&B industry, order the full research report for € 24.95. B&B’s with an enhanced mention on Bedandbreakfast.eu pay only € 19.95 including VAT. The report includes specific figures regarding B&Bs in Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. For more information and orders >>

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Editor-in-chief at Bedandbreakfast.eu.


  • We are planning to open a new b&b (apart from London) in Northern Italy, I would like to order a detailed report on b&b in Italy, e.g. which are the areas it would be worth to open a b&b etc?
    Do you offer that or something similar?


    • Hello Ralph,
      Thank you for your question, but we can’t offer what you’re asking for. We wish you all the best with your plans for the future!

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