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Adding Photos to your Presentation Page;Foto's toevoegen aan je Presentatiepagina

Adding attractive pictures to your presentation page is the best way to attract visitors to your B&B. They allow your guests to instantly visualise the atmosphere of your B&B and are essential if you want to optimise your number of reservations.

Get the most from your Presentation Page

A good presentation page is essential to attract the most customers. Follow the steps below:

  • Write an appealing description of your B&B
  • Add rooms and prices to your presentation page
  • Add attractive photos of your B&B

Once you have completed this process, your listing will be activated. In this post we will give you more information on how to add pictures to your presentation page.

Why are Photos so Important?

B&B lovers who are looking for a unique bed and breakfast do a search and scan the presentation page in seconds to decide if they want to book or not. Presentation pages with lots of attractive photos are visited more often and achieve a higher position in the search results. Show your B&B in its best light and seduce potential guests into visiting your B&B. Good quality pictures result in more reservations, guaranteed.

Adding Photos to your Presentation Page

  • Go to the Innkeeper Service
  • Go to ‘My Listing’ and click on ‘Photos’
attractive photos

Post attractive photos of your B&B, it leads directly to more reservations.

Add Photos to the Library

Add photos to the library in the Innkeeper Service by clicking on the pink button ‘Add Photos’ and selecting photos from your PC. Note: The photos are not yet published on your presentation page. Select an album (overview photos, Bedroom 1 etc) and drag the photo from the library to the album. You can see which photos and how many are selected to appear online. The photos in the albums will appear on your presentation page.

Photo Specifications
  • Data Size: Max. 20MB per photo
  • File type: JPEG or PNG
  • Resolution: Minimum 750 x 500 pixels


  • Post 18 photos in the overview album (at least 1 is mandatory)
  • Add up to 4 photos per room. (1 photo per room minimum)
  • Use pictures that show the unique style of your B&B
  • Don’t forget the view, garden or surroundings.
  • Invest in professional photos for the best results
  • Regularly upload new photos

We’re here to Help

Let an expert review your pictures before you add them to your presentation page. If you need help adding or moving photos then contact us. We’re always here to help.

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