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Creating your own email templates in the reservation system

Email templates

With a personal email template you can combine the convenience of a standard email with the personal touch of a personally written answer.

Did you know that in the reservation system of you can create your own email templates? It’s ideal, because you can send each potential guest a personal answer in an instant. You can change the standard email templates or create completely new ones. In this workshop we explain both options.

Modifying existing email templates
In the owner service, offers a number of standard email templates: ‘Request a down payment’, ‘Availability after reservation request’, ‘Confirmation’ and ‘No availability’ Every time you choose one of those templates to respond to a guest, you can modify the text by clicking on it. But you can also permanently adjust the email templates to your taste. This is how it works.

Step 1: In the owner service, click ‘My Reservations’ and in the dropdown menu click ‘Email Templates’.


Step 2: You now see the standard email templates lined up. Click an email template to open it and click ‘Adjust’ to change the template.


Step 3: Modify or add sentences. In the upper right corner you can change the language. Note: do not change the texts marked in red! If you are finished with your adjustments, click ‘Save’. Your changes will now be saved in the email template.


Create a completely new email template
You can also create a completely new email template with your own text in it. For example because you would like a larger variety of standard emails. For this, go to the overview of your email templates (see step 1) and click the pink ‘Create new template’ button.


Fill in a name and a subject for your template and type your text in the large field. You can change the language in the upper right corner of your screen. Be sure to click ‘Save’ every now and then to avoid losing changes.


Your new email template is now added to the overview of email templates. You can recognize it by the non-bold letter type.


More step-by-step constructions in the FAQ
For more useful step-by-step instructions on how to use the reservation system and the availability calendar see our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) Good luck!

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