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Quick way to score in Google: description with keywords

Online promotion of bed and breakfast

Promote your bed and breakfast effectively by using keywords. scores wonderful in Google and in other search engines: the website is built in such a way that it makes your B&B as best findable as possible. You can create even better results. The secret? Key words!

Why do guests come to your bed and breakfast? Because of your spacious apartment with kitchen? Because you are in the centre of London? Because your accommodation is beautifully located in the Lake District or because it has a swimming pool? The underlined terms are key words. If you use them wisely in your mention on, your B&B will be better found.

Adding keywords
On, it is very simple to add key words. Go to the owner service and follow these steps:

  • In the menu click ‘My Mention’ and then ‘Description’.
  • In the upper field, type an extensive text about your B&B and use enough key words with that.
  • In the second field, write a short text with – again- your most important key words. This is the text that the visitors of see in the list of search results.
  • In the third field, type in your key words, divided by commas.

Do not hesitate to get started with your presentation page! You can always undo your adjustments. In our list of frequently asked questions you can find lots of information and manuals.

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