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How unique is your B&B?

Bed & breakfast USP

A whirlpool beside the bed is a powerful USP.

Does your bed & breakfast have a Unique Selling Point (USP) by any chance? That is: something which makes your B&B really special? It is important to have a strong USP, so that guests know why they have to choose your accommodation.
Of course, you can easily name the benefits of a stay in your B&B. But pay attention: with a USP it is all about the unique benefits. Anything that your USP distinguishes from all those other B&Bs in the surrounding area.

Guests don’t expect less
Are there beautiful walking and cycle routes in the area? Do you have comfortable guest rooms with excellent beds and private bathrooms? Do you offer an extensive breakfast? And can guests count on a warm welcome with you?

This is all very nice, but these are no USPs! Because be honest: does it make your B&B unique if you offer an extensive breakfast? Or if the beds are very comfortable? No. More than that: most guests do not expect less than a cordial welcome, good beds and an extensive breakfast.

Defining a USP
So what is your USP then? This is not an easy question. Defining a Unique Selling Point is a frequently underestimated challenge; marketing professionals can tell you all about it! Try to describe, in one or two sentences, what really makes your B&B unique. If you can do this, you’re a big step on the way.

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