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Floating in a bed & breakfast on a boat

Bed & breakfast op een woonboot

From inside a boat in the centre of Amsterdam, you can see the city’s typical canal houses.

Letting yourself be rocked to sleep and having breakfast on deck with a view on the water: this is possible in a bed & breakfast on a houseboat. As a B&B guest you can experience for a short time how it is to live on a boat. Here are a few fun B&B-houseboats presented on bedandbreakfast.eu.

B&B Boat in The Ardennes
Discover the beautiful countryside of The Ardennes and the city of Charleville-Mézières. Here you’ll find Thor, a homy bed & breakfast established on a boat. The accommodation counts two guest rooms, a reading room and a dining room where you can have breakfast. This B&B is the ideal starting point for an active vacation in the rugged terrain of The Ardennes.

B&B-houseboat in Amsterdam
In the Dutch city of Amsterdam there are over thirty B&B’s on houseboats. Like The Guest-Houseboat. The windows offer a view on the beautiful 17th and 18th century warehouses and canal houses Amsterdam is so famous for. While you enjoy your breakfast, ducks and swans swim by to catch a piece of bread.

Sailing in Antwerp
Bed and Breakfast Spring Rivercruise is a houseboat in the Belgian city of Antwerp. The boat is located within walking distance of the historic Medieval Centre of the city. If you like, the owners will start the engine to go sailing in the gigantic port of Antwerp.

More B&B’s on the water
In Europe there are lots of B&B’s in houseboats and clippers. Especially in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. You can find them easily on Bedandbreakfast.eu. Just fill in the country you would like to go to. Next, in the list of found B&B’s, go to the search filter ‘B&B type’ (on the left). Check box ‘Houseboat’: a selection of B&B boats will appear.

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