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Celebrate summer in a bed and breakfast

Bed & Breakfast for Summer

Celebrate summer in a bed and breakfast: five top summer destinations lined up.

Are you looking forward to the summer as much as we are? Enjoying the sun, swimming in the sea and walking amidst nature? Bedandbreakfast.eu has lined up a few top destinations for you. Are you starting to feel those summer vibes yet? Have fun finding your B&B for the summer! 

Bed and Breakfast in Turkey
Bed and breakfast in Turkey
Hospitable Turkey is known for its many tourist attractions, alluring cities, and unique culture. During your stay in a bed & breakfast you will get to know Turkey from a completely different side. ✓ Quickly go to the most beautiful bed & breakfasts in Istanbul, Marmaris and Bodrum or book a B&B in Alanya, Antalya, Konya or Ankara.

Bed and Breakfast in Greece

Holidaying in Greece: a European paradise.

Bed and Breakfast in Greece
In Greece you can also spend the night in sunny B&Bs all over the country. Choose an exquisite villa or stay in a monumental residence, in the centre of Athens or on one of the Greek islands. ✓ Quickly go to the most beautiful bed & breakfasts in Rhodos, Kos, Crete, Zakynthos or Santorini or in a Greek city such as Athens.

Bed and Breakfast in Italy

Pizza, ice-cream, fashion and history, truly get to know Italy.

B&B in Italy
Italy is the ultimate holiday country! Go take in the culture of Rome, shop in Milan, or enjoy the warm sun on the island ofSicily. In the meantime you can enjoy the pizzas, pastas and the delicious Italian ice-cream. ✓ Relaxing in a bed & breakfast on Sicily or Sardinia or in Tuscany, Florence, Rome, Venice or Milan.

Bed and Breakfast in Spain

Siesta in a bed & breakfast in Spain.

Bed & breakfast in Spain
Attention all sun enthusiasts! Spend the night in a special B&B at one of the Costas, stay in a guest room on Ibiza, or sleep in an apartment in the gorgeous town of Barcelona. Top summer destination Spain offers something for everyone. ✓ Quickly go to the most beautiful bed & breakfasts in Andalusia, the Canary Islands or Ibiza or in Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Salou and Seville.

Bed and Breakfast in Indonesia

Stay in a bed and breakfast on a tropical island.

Bed and breakfast in Indonesia
Pristine beaches, magnificent diving locations, and striking nature: Indonesia has it all. Let yourself be catered by local B&B owners and enjoy this paradise island. ✓ Stay in a bed & breakfast in the most beautiful parts of Indonesia: Java, Bali and Sumatra or go to Jakarta, Borobudur, Padang or Tulamben.

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