Bed & breakfast with wireless internet (Wi-Fi)

Free internet in a B&B

Many B&B’s offer a Wi-Fi-network you can connect to with your smartphone.

Would you like to stay in contact with your friends and family during a weekend trip? Or are you spending the night in a bed & breakfast for your work? Then it would be useful if the B&B you are staying in offers Wi-Fi.

Many B&B’s on are offering Wi-Fi to their guests. Perfect, because that way you can email and browse the internet on your own smartphone, iPad or laptop, and don’t have to pay extra costs for using mobile internet. Also very convenient if you are staying in a B&B for business reasons: you can work online on your tablet or laptop in your guest room.

This is how you can find B&B’s with Wi-Fi on

  • First choose your destination.
  • In the list of found B&B’s, on the left side you see a list of search filters. Scroll to ‘Facilities’ and check ‘Internet’ or ‘Wi-Fi’. Or go to ‘Room facilities’ and – if possible – check ‘Internet’.

The list of search results is now filtered on B&B’s that offer (wireless) internet as a service to their guests. Tip: Before you make a reservation, check with the owner about possible costs for internet use. Go to >>

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