Bed & breakfast fits perfectly into the holiday trend for 2014

B&B Casa Robinig in Venice

B&B’s offer quality and a unique experience. Enjoy the Venetian lifestyle in B&B Casa Robinig.

Holiday as a personal event that suits our lifestyle; according to Dutch trendwatching agency Cherry Picker it is the holiday trend for 2014. Short last-minute holidays in small-scale stay accommodations in people’s homes fit perfectly into this trend. Accommodations to which we are constantly setting higher demands. This makes bed & breakfasts the perfect accommodations.

Social travel in a bed and breakfast
Social travel was the emerging trend of 2013, and it is far from over, says Cherry Picker. “Through mediation websites (such as, red.) we are looking for an affordable place to sleep, whereby personal tips of the host or hostess make the holiday unique and local. We also compose our own special holiday through our own social media networks or websites with local insider tips.”

Atmosphere in a B&B

A bed & breakfast is carefully decorated by the owner.

In 2014, the traveller sets high demands on the quality of the accommodation, privacy, and on the authenticity of social travel in people’s homes. Bed & breakfasts meet these increased quality demands: for example, by far the most B&B’s offer private sanitary, high quality furnishings and décor, and an excellent service.

Weekend break to a B&B
Holidays, weekend breaks and day trips have become part of our busy lifestyle, says holiday-trendwatcher Tessa aan de Stegge of Cherry Picker. People rather choose a series of short holidays than just one long holiday. We also stay closer to home, to save travel expenses and travel time. “A holiday has to be a personal event that suits our lifestyle and personal branding”. A weekend or midweek in a bed & breakfast is the perfect choice for this. And every address is different. Whether you are spending the night in a mill, castle, old farmhouse or garden house, you always come home with a unique story.

Last minute B&B bookings
Holidays need to be able to be booked last minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Cherry Picker noticed. On you can book straight with the B&B-owner, also through the mobile version of our website. The owner will quickly inform you about the availability and you don’t pay any reservation costs. Try it out, find a bed & breakfast on and book today!

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