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Bed & breakfast in the Netherlands, country of tulips, mills and cheese

Netherlands: relaxed and hospitable

A typical Dutch landscape. You’re very much welcome in Holland!

The Netherlands: a laid-back and hospitable holiday country. A country that is famous for its gorgeous landscape with its mills, the capital city of Amsterdam and the ubiquitous bicycles. Stay in a bed & breakfast in the Netherlands and meet this tolerant, friendly and hospitable country!

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Who wouldn’t like to stay over at the heart of Amsterdam?

Amsterdam and bicycles
The Netherlands: an easy accessible and perfect country for short holiday trips. You will most likely associate the country with the typical Dutch icons – tulips, mills and cheese. But the Netherlands have so much more to offer. Think of beautiful historical cities like Amsterdam or The Hague, a varied green landscape, world-class museums and a vibrant cultural life. Utrecht for instance, offers you cultural events on several Sundays in 2013.

bedandbreakfast europe

A lovely B&B in the pittoresque city of Maastricht.

Over 3,800 bed & breakfasts in the Netherlands
The perfect way to experience the Dutch hospitality and kindness is by staying in a bed and breakfast. This form of accommodation is perfect for a short stay. Everywhere in the Netherlands, for example Groningen, Maastricht or Rotterdam, you can find great B&B’s in all shapes and sizes. Visit Bedandbreakfast.eu for pictures and guest reviews and book directly with the owner, without reservation costs!
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