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Bed & breakfast tips for Spring

B&B met dierenweide

Nice for children: a B&B with animals nearby.

Spring’s coming up, and boy, are we glad about that! It’s a busy time for B&Bs, because of the Spring holidays. Are you planning a trip in the coming weeks? Here are a few tips for a great week away.

Bed and breakfast on a farm
Soon we’ll see the first lambs back into the meadow. If you stay in a bed and breakfast on a farm now, chances are you’ll witness the birth of a calf, lamb or pig. Now that is something very special, particularly for children. On Bedandbreakfast.eu you can search for bed & breakfasts on farms.

B&B with playground
What a delight it is that winter is nearing its end, and that children can play outside again. Lots of B&Bs are ideal for young families, thanks to – for example – adjoining rooms and the presence of a playground or a meadow with animals. On Bedandbreakfast.eu you can make a targeted search for B&B’s, using search filters such as ‘playground’, ‘animals’ and ‘child friendly’.

Bed & breakfast in the city
Curious about the new Spring Collection? Get yourself a great new outfit this Spring Break! A B&B is ideal if you want to stay in a city. There are lots of bed and breakfasts in every European city, often situated right in the center. Choose for example a bed and breakfast in shopping paradises like London, Paris and Berlin. On Bedandbreakfast.eu, you’ll find your ideal B&B in no time! Go to Bedandbreakfast.eu >>

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