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    Bed and Breakfast Vancouver

    Vancouver, the city of exciting neighbourhoods, culinary excellence, diverse cultures and outdoor activity. The most popular part of the city is Downtown, but that is only the beginning of what this metropolis has to offer. The variety in neighbourhoods is impressive to see, and you can explore it by foot because of the walkable distance between the different parts of town. The sunsets by the beach, water activities in the sea and hiking adventures in the national parks make this city a very special one. Book a B&B on Bed and Breakfast Vancouver and start planning your dream holiday!

    Downtown & West End

    Downtown is seen as the most popular and vibrant part of Vancouver, it’s thus not a surprise that many of the city highlights can be found here. Beginning with the Stanley Park and the Stanley Park Seawall. The 404-hectare park makes for a stunning view and exciting tourist attraction. The seawall, a stunning waterfront, complements the beautiful park. Another highlight of Downtown is the Vancouver Art Gallery, one of the city’s top galleries.

    Other highlights

    Science World in Main Street is a real treat for people of all ages! The science museum shows impressive inventions but lets you explore for yourself as well. Can you lift 2028 kilogram? Find out if you can on one of the floors filled with educational games! Even the building is exciting as its Vancouver’s only geodesic dome. The covered Public Market on Granville Island is also a must-see on your trip. The narrow streets are filled with cosy stands and cute lights, making for an adorable scene.

    Food, food, food

    When it comes to culinary excellence, Vancouver knows all about it. The Canadian municipality offers a great variety of restaurants in all kind of styles. The cuisine itself ranges from Asian to West Coast, there is thus to find a perfect meal for everyone.

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