Bed and Breakfast Bolzano

    Bolzano has long acted as a cultural bridge between Austria and mediterranean Italy. This blend of Northern and Southern cultures is evident in the architecture, cuisine and spirit. Select from our range of unique B&Bs at Bed and Breakfast Bolzano and discover the delights of this modern and cosmopolitan Italian city.

    Alpine adventures

    Nestled at the edge of the Dolomites, a range of peaks in the Italian Limestone Alps. Stay in a cosy B&B from Bed and Breakfast Bolzano and experience the relaxation that comes with the peaceful landscape. Take the Renon cable car, one of 3 in town, up to it’s sunny plateau where you can absorb the stunning scenery of the forest landscape below.

    Outdoor living

    Bolzano is an outdoorsman's paradise with opportunities for some of the most scenic walking, hiking and climbing in Europe. Hike through the Puez Geisler National Park. A protected area in the mountains where many rare plants grow amongst the white Dolomite rocks, alpine meadows filled with wild flowers and forests housing protected mountain animals such as deer and eagles. Use your Bed and Breakfast Bolzano as a great homebase from which to explore the Dolomite region.

    Mediterranean Fusion

    Bolzano serves a cultural conduit between the mediterranean south and the austro/germanic influence of the North. The city is officially bilingual with over a quarter of the population speaking German and the rest Italian. Nowhere is this blending of cultures more obvious than in the unique style of the buildings. Visit the Duomo di Bolzano, the city’s impressive Catholic Cathedral built in both the Romanesque and Gothic styles. Sightseers can also take a trip to visit the fairytale castles of Roncolo (Runkelstein in German) or Tyrol, built right into the mountainside.

    Weekend Break

    You couldn’t find a better destination for a relaxing Weekend Break than the quiet city of Bolzano. Choose a traditional B&B from Bed and Breakfast Bolzano in the historic centre or a luxury apartment in the modern area. We have something to suit everyone so you can relax and enjoy the perfect Weekend Break.