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    Bed and Breakfast Venice

    The capital of the Republic of Venice has become a symbol or art and culture. This beautiful Italian city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an inevitable stop on your journey through Italy. Explore the unique channels and narrow streets in ‘The Bridge of the Sea’. Book a stay at Bed and Breakfast Venice and find your favourite B&B in the centre of this stunning city.

    San Marco Square and its wonders

    Piazza San Marco is the only square filled with tourists in the heart of the centre. It is a meeting place for locals, a home to numerous cafes and shops, and surrounded by the most important monuments. Booking a B&B nearby will allow you to easily visit the main sights: The Basilica of San Marco and its marvellous golden mosaic and the Ducal Palace which now functions as a museum.

    The maze of alleys and canals

    Venice is famous for its location in the Venetian lagoon: consisting of thousands of large and small islands, it is literally a city on the water. The gorgeous canals, the intricate system of alleys, and the innumerable bridges will make your stay an unforgettable experience. Stay in a BnB and make use of the local knowledge of your host, allowing you to visit the most amazing places. Bed and Breakfast Venice offers the best BnB’s for a perfect weekend break.

    Carnival of Venice: between tradition and modernity

    The Carnival of Venice is the biggest festival of the year and enjoys world renown. Celebrated since the end of the 12th century, this event has rich ancient roots that resulted in many traditions. Originally, carnival was a chance for the poorest people to disguise and entertain themselves on the streets. Nowadays, it is a traditional folk festival that attracts tourists from all over the world.

    AirBnB Venice

    Staying in an accommodation from AirBnB Venice is a popular choice among the population. Bed and Breakfast Venice, however, is a perfect alternative. Staying in a B&B gives you the opportunity to experience the city in a different and unique way. Enjoy the warming welcome and hospitality during an unforgettable weekend break!