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    Bed and Breakfast La Rochelle

    La Rochelle is one of the most popular places in France. It is the perfect place to enjoy the ocean and wonderful weather. Spend your holidays in this beautiful town and discover its secrets. When you are done relaxing at the beach, visit the beautiful town and learn its history. Book your bed and breakfast La Rochelle today.

    Develop your culture

    Initially founded as a harbour, it alternated between being in the hands of the English and those of the French. The marks made by the English are still visible with for example the Vauclair temple built by Henri II or the Cour De La Commanderie, the Templars’ headquarters. The Museum of Natural History will show you how history affects the present day town.

    Around and about

    Make sure to check out the famous islands of Ile de Ré, where you will find the lighthouse in front of which are many giant piles of rocks and ile D’Oléron. In La Rochelle itself there is a line of three towers, the Lantern Tower, the Chain Tower and the Tower of Saint Nicholas of La Rochelle. The latter two form a gateway to the sea and into the harbour. If you book a bed and breakfast La Rochelle, you will not only be able to visit this town but also those surrounding it.

    Fort Boyard

    Slightly off the west coast of France you will find this big oval shaped imposing building, initially designed to be a defense point during English invasion. However, the works were only completed when the fort wasn’t necessary anymore. After that it was used as a military prison but quickly fell into ruins. Recently it has seen fame after it started in the film The Last Adventure and is the film location for the television game series Fort Boyard.

    AirBnB La Rochelle

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