Bed and Breakfast Reims

    Reims is the city of coronations and champagne. The capital of the champagne region, the city is effervescent with the joie de vivre you’d expect from a town built on the wealth brought from the surrounding vineyards. Choose a B&B form Bed and Breakfast Reims and discover a city bubbling with a decidedly royal flavour.

    Liquid Gold

    Use your cosy B&B from Bed and Breakfast Reims as a base from which to explore the Montagne de Reims champagne route. All the famous houses are lined up for you to visit and sample their speciality vintages. Moët & Chandon, Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot and many more open their cellars carved out of white chalk for the champagne connoisseurs to taste their delights. The vineyards have recently been inscripted as a UNESCO World Heritage site to mark their inestimable cultural value.

    Royal Connections

    Reim has not one but two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the second being the magnificent gothic Notre Dame Cathedral. You cannot fail to be bowled over by the site of over 34 French coronations from 816 to 1825. The extravagance of the facade is unrivalled with its flamboyant angel statues and kaleidoscope stained glass. The most famous coronation was that of Charles VII with Joan of Arc by his side. A statue of the legendary French heroine in full body armour can be see inside the cathedral and she is also memorialised outside in the square.


    Alongside its festive champagne connections, Reims also has a more sober history. On May 7th 1945 it was the city where Nazi Germany finally conceded defeat and ended WWII. During your stay at a Bed and Breakfast Reims be sure to visit the Musee de la Reddition to discover how the city came to play such a crucial role on the global stage.

    Weekend Break

    Reims is an enchanting city and perfect for a relaxing weekend break. Choose one of our unique B&Bs from Bed and Breakfast Reims, sit back with a glass of fizz and soak up the atmosphere on your ideal weekend break in South France.